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This page was last updated: December 7, 2014

15-July-14  The CalypSol Crew completed successfully its 1'255 miles  journey on the first solar powered trimaran canoe to sail the Illinois and          Mississippi Rivers. They reached Baton Rouge, the Capital of Louisiana,     on June 11 at 3:25pm. The hospitality and generosity of local townspeople made this voyage possible!
The Solar Canoë Challenge
13-June-14 Celebration at the Consulate of Switzerland in New Orleans, Louisiana.
From left to right: Walter Wolf, President of the Swiss American Society of New Orleans, LA, Jean-Claude Barras, Co-Navigator, Alexandra Mora, Honorary Consul of Switzerland in New Orleans, Raymond Christe, Captain. Raymond delivers to Mrs. Mora, the first inter-consular letter from Honorable Consul General of Chicago Mr. Martin Bienz, carried by a solar boat !

2014-15 Introducing CalypSol Group new Project, the "SUNRAY", a unique two-seater Solar-Electric Powered Watercraft, intended primarly for the general public.   [Patent Pending]
01-June-14 The CalypSol sharing the Mississippi River with the "American Queen" near Helena, AR.